How does it work?

  • Pick your products from our refills page and shop. Remember to add the delivery option to your basket.​
  • Delivery day is currently on a Monday. You do not need to be in, we will leave the items on your doorstep, just like the milk round! (please let us know if there is somewhere else you would prefer us to leave your order safely)
  • Wash your bottles (and caps) when they are empty and leave on your doorstep for collection.
  • Repeat

On your first order you are required to pay a £5 deposit to enable us to keep our glass bottles in circulation. If you decide you no longer want to order from us we will collect the bottles and return your deposit.

All deliveries will arrive in 500ml or 1L glass bottles or 5Litre jerry cans for you to decant into your own containers. We do have some PET bottles available for you to purchase if you wish.

​Orders must be placed before 2pm on a Saturday to be included in the following Monday delivery.